Bundeswehr-Heer West German Army

The Bundeswehr (Federal Defence Force) title covers all branches of the German military but each branch is Individually titled, Heer (Army), Marine (Navy) and Luftwaffe (Air Force)

Heer (Army) Caps From The 1970s - 80s

GFR ABC Defence Peaked Cap (Front)
GFR Armoured Troops Peaked Cap (Front)
GFR Army Aviation Peaked Cap (Front)

Atomic, Biological & Chemical Warfare Trained Troops (Abwehrtruppe)

Armoured Troops (Panzertruppe)

Army Aviation Troops (Heeresfliegertruppe)

GFR Engineers Peaked Cap (Front)
GFR Ski Cap (Front)
GFR Infantry Peaked Cap (Front)

Engineers (Pioniertruppe)

Mountain Troops (Gebirgstruppe)

Elite Infantry - Mechanised Infantry (Jaggertruppe  Panzergrenadiertruppe)

Heer (Army) Berets

03 GFR Fernmeldetruppe (Signals) Front Left
04 GFR Fallschirmjäger (Paras) Front Left
05 GFR feldjägertruppe (MP's)Front  Left

Fernmeldetruppe (Signals)

Fallschirmjäger (Parachutists)

feldjägertruppe (Military Police)

09 GFR Heeresflugabwehrtruppe (Army Air Defence Troops) Front Left

10 GFR Instandsetzungs (Ordnance Corps) Front Left

11 GFR jägertruppe (Elite Infantry Troops) Front Left

Heeresflugabwehrtruppe (Army Air Defence)

Instandsetzungs (Ordnance) *(normally worn with red beret black beret indicates attached to armoured units)*

Jägertruppe (Elite Infantry)

11 GFR jägertruppe  Old Style Front Left

16 GFR Nachschubtruppe(Quatermasters) Front Left

20 GFR Panzergrenadier (Armd Infantry)Front Left

Jägertruppe (Elite Infantry) Old Style

Nachschubtruppe (Quartermasters)

Panzergrenadier (Armd Infantry)

21 GFR Panzertruppe (Armd Troops) Front Left

22 GFR Pioniertruppe (Engineers) Front Left

23 GFR Wachbataillon bmvg (Guard Battalion) Front Left

Panzertruppe (Armd Troops)

Pioniertruppe (Engineers)

Wachbataillon bmvg (Guard Battalion)

24 GFR Sanitatstruppe (Medical Troops) Front Left

26  (Euro-Corps) (3)

Sanitatstruppe (Medical Troops)

Franco-German Brigade

Side Caps

GFR Army Field Side Cap (Front)
GFR Side Cap (Front)

Other Ranks Field Dress

NCOs And Officers