Eire Army

Eire Military Police Peaked Cap

Eire Army Military Police Peaked Cap (Front Left)

This is a Southern Irish Military Police Corps (an Cór Póilíní Airm) peaked cap belonging to a sergeant of the 1st Field Company, Southern command, from around the 1970-80s

Eire Army Military Police Peaked Cap (Front Right)

Berets of the Southern Irish Defence Forces

Eire Army Regular Army Beret (Front)

(Left) This beret is that of a regular unit of the southern Irish defence force (Óglaigh na hÉireann) the red badge backing denotes regular army, reservist’s wear a green beret with green badge backing

(Right)This is a Southern Irish United Nations Beret, worn by all troops serving with the UN, it differs from the British version by way of the ribbons left hanging at the rear of the beret a custom that is used by a lot of European countries.

Eire Army United Nations Beret (Front)

Ireland Map Outline