Italian Army

Italian Bersaglieri Fez

Italy Bersaglieri Cap (Front Left)

This is a Zouave style Fez of the Italian Bersaglieri (light Infantry)  which were formed in the mid 1800s   before the unification of Italy. The unit was designed to travel long distances as fast as possible on foot. Their dress headgear is of a straw boater style made from leather with a plume of rooster feathers on the side. the plumes are also worn on the helmet with field dress, the fez is often worn with service dress and with field dress

Italy Bersaglieri Cap (Front Right)

Carabinieri corporal’s service dress Cap

Italy Carabinieri Peaked Cap (Front)

This is a Carabinieri corporal’s service dress Cap this cap is worn with the navy blue/black winter service dress.

There is a summer version of this cap in tan colour with uniform to match

Italy Carabinieri Peaked Cap (Front Right)

Italian Guardia di Finanza Peaked cap

Italy Guardia di Finanza Cap (Front Left)

This is a Peaked Cap from the Italian Guardia di Finanza Finance police, I believe this example to be a NCOs cap

Italy Guardia di Finanza  Peaked Cap (Front)

Italian Army Berets

Italy Carabinieri Beret (Front)

(Left) - I believe this to be a standard Carabinieri Cacciatori Beret, the Carabinieri Tuscania parachute regiments, wear Maroon berets and the Carabinieri Turchino wear Dark Blue berets


(Right) - This is an Italian antiaircraft Artillery beret unfortunately on this example is missing the number that would be fastened in the centre of the badge

Italy Poss Airborne Artilery (Front Left)