Soviet Army

Soviet Officers Parade Uniform

00 USSR Parade Dress (1)

Soviet army medical officers 1969 pattern   parade uniform, the rank is that of a Senior Lieutenant indicated by the three stars on the shoulder boards, the scarlet piping on the shoulder boards and the collar devices indicate medical units however the collar backing of black velour indicate possible attachment to armoured troops, this officer wears the 1955 pattern gold embroidered  dress belt, The cap has a velour band to match the collar backing.

00 USSR Parade Dress (3)

Soviet  Armoured Troops Uniform

USSR Army Armd Troops (1)

Soviet army armoured troops everyday - walking out dress uniform, the unit insignia, black collar tabs with tank badge, shoulder boards, and black cap band identify it as armoured troops, there are no indications of any rank so suggest a private, 

USSR Army Armd Troops (3)

Soviet Airborne Troops Summer Service Uniform

USSR Fatigue Dress (Right)

Soviet army summer service uniform of a private from an Airborne unit the unit is denoted by the sky blue shoulder boards collar tabs and airborne sleeve insignia

USSR Fatigue Dress (Left)

Walking Out Dress Soviet Army

02 USSR Motor Rifles (Right)
Motor Rifles Shoulder Board
03 USSR Motor Rifles (Left)

Soviet army private from a mechanised Infantry (motor rifles) unit indicated by the scarlet shoulder boards and sleeve patch

Motor Rifles Badge

Summer Service Officers Uniform Soviet Army

05 USSR Motor Rifles Shirt & Tie (Right)

Soviet army Junior Lieutenants summer Service uniform from a mechanised Infantry unit the rank is denoted by the single gold star on the shoulder boards tie and tie clip not always worn

06 USSR Motor Rifles Shirt & Tie (Left)