United Kingdom - Navy

Royal Navy Sailors Square Rig WWII

UK Navy Square Rigg WWII (Right)

This is the wartime equivalent of the  No-1B and No-1C  Dress- formal /  undress  uniform worn by junior ratings of the Royal Navy, known as the square rig, and has not change that dramatically since the fist world war apart from the introduction of modern materials, It is the wartime winter dress denoted by the black cap with HMS cap tally and blue jumper as opposed to white cap and white vest,(summer dress, now standard dress for the modern navy) this example has the addition of a replacement white silk tape for the standard black tape authorised for use but only for wedding day celebrations

UK Navy Square Rigg WWII (Left)

No-1B &No1-C Dress - Formal / Undress: Comprising of Cap, Blue class II Jumper, Blue Class II Trousers, Jumper (Blue Woollen), Blue Collar, Black scarf,, Lanyard, and shoes (black)

Royal Navy Lt Commander Formal Undress

UK Navy Lt Commander Blues (Right)

This is a Lt Commander of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as indicated by the pilots wings above the rank marks on left cuff, wearing No-1C Dress Formal / Undress blue uniform,

(Note) medal ribbons are (1) The defence medal 1939-45, (2) The war medal 1939-45, (3) Naval General Service Medal 1909-62, (4) The Korea Medal 1950-53, (5) United Nations Medal for Korea 1950-55,

UK Navy Lt Commander Blues (Left)

No-1C Dress, Formal  / Undress: comprising of Peaked Cap, Blue reefer Jacket  with rank lace, Blue trousers, Long sleeved Shirt (white), Black tie, Shoes (Black)

Royal Navy Overcoats

UK Matloe2

Left : Naval sea duty duffel coat, these duffel coats where often worn by all ranks at sea, officers would revert to greatcoat when on shore, 1950s winter dress cap with tally HMS Broadsword shown in this example

 (note) chinstraps are usually only worn down when carrying arms,

Right: Officers Greatcoat worn by a Lt Commander indicated by rank on shoulder boards

UK Navy Lt Commander Greatcoat Order (Left)

Royal Navy Lt Commander Formal Undress Whites

UK Navy Officer Whites (Right)

This is a Lt Commander of the Royal Navy  wearing the white formal  / undress uniform also known as tropical or summer dress,

UK Navy Officer Whites (Left)

No-1BW Dress - Formal / Dress / Undress Whites: Comprising of Peaked Cap, Jacket (White), Trousers (White), Shoulder Rank, Socks (White) and Shoes (White)

Royal Navy Personal Clothing System

(1) UK Navy AB-1 Mine Warefare PCS

This is an Able Seaman 1st class mine warfare specialist, wearing No - 4 PCS (Personal clothing system), his rank is denoted by the star above the warfare branch insignia (centre), and the speciality is indicated by the (MW) below, worn on the right sleeve.

(the stable belt shown has now been replaced  with a front fastening buckle type)

(3) UK Navy AB-1 Mine Warefare PCS

No - 4 PCS:  Comprisig of Beret / Cap, Blue fire retardant light weight jacket, Blue fire retardant trousers with blue stable belt, Black Socks & Black Boots