No-1 Dress Temperate Ceremonial (Blues)

9th - 12th Lancers No-1 Dress

01 9th-12th Lancers Blues2

This No-1 dress blues of a Lance Corporal of the 9th - 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wale’s) formed in 1960 and amalgamated with the Queens Royal Lancers in 2015 to create the Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeth’s Own), items of note are the cavalry pattern epaulettes, crew commanders qualification badge (armoured car) on the right cuff  and the prince of Wales feathers worn above the chevron, also the Girdle (Stable Belt) worn by the Guidon escort

(not shown in this example is the white cross belt and cartridge pouch that would normally be worn and the lance with scarlet and white pennons)

03 9th-12th Lancers Blues2

RHA No-1 Dress

RHA (1)

This No-1 dress blues of a private in the Royal Horse Artillery Indicated by the collar insignia, and ball buttons on the front of the tunic.  the insignia in the No1 dress cap (forage cap) is that of the Royal Artillery if a beret is worn the badge would be of the same design as the collar insignia, the white parade belt bears the RA insignia (I believe the plate buckle has now been replaced by 1937 patt style buckles). Busby Cords are also worn and the court mounted medals are that of the GSM  Northern Ireland for service between  the 14 August 1969 -  31 July 2007 and the Iraq Campaign medal operation Telic for service between 19 March 2003 - 30 April 2009 (small number until May 2011)

RHA (3)