Tricolore Surplus

Hi! I'm a private collector looking to buy and exchange all types of military collectables, especially Badges, Headdress and Uniforms, from all over the world, I have been collecting for some years now, and have amassed a large collection,

The aim of my site is to provide a pictorial reference guide for other collectors, and also a guide to the items I have in my collection, and the type of items I’m Interested iLegion Used on Homepagen.

Please note that this an unofficial guide as I am not an expert, but I consider myself to have a good working knowledge of the items depicted within this site.

If you have any comments or any items for sale or trade please email me at the address below

I would also appreciate any input on any unidentified or incorrectly identified items

My main interest is the French Foreign Legion and other French units, I’m also interested in full dress uniforms and headdress of all nationalities and all services, I hope the information within this site proves to be helpful, I will keep adding content periodically so keep dropping in.

Tricolore Flag With Background