2e Régiment Etranger de Parachutistes

Soldat de 1er Classe of the 2eme REP Tenu de Parade Summer & Winter  (1968-1990)

2e REP Tenu Traditional Summer pre 1990 Legionnaire 1er Classe (me)

The unit is identified by the triangular pocket fob hanging from the right breast pocket and the red  lanyard (fourragere)of the Legion d’honneur with olive of the Croix de Guerre TOE, the rank is identified by the single chevron worn on the right and single chevron above the sleeve diamond (ecusson) on the left shirt/tunic sleeve, the 2eme REP are part of the 11eme Division Parachutiste’s as indicated by the division patch worn on the  right upper arm (hidden in this photo), by the epaulettes de tradition, other insignia worn  are the wings TAP(troupes aeroportees) and the Medaille d’Otrre-mer (overseas medal) with bar (Tchad) and the Medaille de la Defence Nationale with bar (legion etrangere), also worn are the F1 web belt and blue sash (ceiture bleue)

NB not shown are the FAMAS (rifle) and bayonet and chin strap usually worn for parades

03- 2e REP Winter Tenue Trad (Left)

Caporal Chef 2eme REP Tenu de sortie post 1990

2e REP Tenu du Sortie Winter post 1990 Cpl Chef Left (man)

This is the 1990 pattern walking out dress (tenu de sortie) of a caporal chef of the 2e REP (2eme regiment etranger de parachutistes) identified by the regimental pocket fob, and now metal branch of service collar disks are also worn, and the rank is identified by the new style slip-ons (foureaux). Clearly seen in this example is the 11th Parachute Division patch (worn since April 1971) and worn on the right upper shoulder sleeve. The fourragere is worn up rather than across the chest, insignia is wings TAP and medal ribbon of the Medaille de la Defence Nationale with bars (legion etrangere, mission d’assistance exterieur and troupes aeroportees).

2e REP Tenu du Sortie Winter post 1990 Cpl Chef Right (man)

Adjudant  2eme REP 1990

2e REP Tenu du Sortie Summer post 1990 Adj Front (man)

This Adjudant is identified as 2e REP by the regimental fob now pinned to the blouson rather than on a leather fob, all other embellishment’s are as pre described in earlier examples, the most obvious difference in this style of uniform is the replacement of a tunic with a blouson. He is also wearing wings TAP, mounted medal ribbons and also the brevet Militaire Professionnel (silver award) above medal ribbons.

NB Adjudant & Adjudant-Chef are identified by the branch of service colour worn, ie Adj inf = silver, Adj-chef inf = Gold, Adj cav = gold, Adj-chef cav = silver the junior rank wears opposing colour to branch of service

2e REP Tenu du Sortie Summer post 1990 Adj Right (man)
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