3e Régiment étranger d'infanterie

Major Tenue de Sortie (D - T22) Summer Dress (Post 1990)

Major 3e REI (01)

Major of the 3e REI (3e regiment etranger d’ Infanterie) wearing summer dress service uniform, the regiment serve as part of the Commandement Antilles - Guyane indicated by the divisional insignia worn on the right shoulder sleeve, The unit is identified firstly by the unit insignia worn on the right breast pocket, and also by the triple fourragere’s of the  (1/Legion d’honneur with olive of the Croix de Guerre1914-18 & Legion d’honneur, and  a second olive of the Croix de Guerre1939-45, 2/ Medal Militaire with olive Croix de Guerre TOE, 3/ Croix de Guerre1914-18 , .also particular to the 3e REI is the US presidential citation worn on or above the right breast pocket, rank is denoted by the Kepi with gold with & red fleck band with lower gold band replicated on the Fourreaux d’épaules (Rank slides) and finally by the gold embroidered  Ecusson de Bras (Sleeve Insignia) worn on the left sleeve,


Major 3e REI (03)

Note on fourragere’s it sees there is no set way of wearing the fourrageere’s it may be as per commanding officers preference I have seen them worn in various different ways below are three examples

Major 3e REI Triple Fourragere’s (Front)1 (2)
Major 3e REI Triple Fourragere’s (Front)
Major 3e REI Triple Fourragere’s (Front)1

Full dress or Carrying Arms have seen with loop up, under arm and with no loops

Service Dress Style 1 With Loop over shoulder

With loop Under Arm

Sergeant-Chef 3eme REI summer shirt sleeve order 1968 - 1990

Walking out dress of a Sergeant Chef of the 3eme REI  as indicated by the the regimental pocket insignia he also wears the wings TAP (Troupes Aéroportées),  he has the triple fourragere’s of the 3e REI and the US presidential citation worn on the right breast pocket. He also wears the sub-aqua qualification badge above his left pocket, and wears the Commandement Antilles-Guyane Division patch , the rank is identified by the shoulder boards with gold embroidered grenade, also the three gold chevrons and finally the kepi Noir with gold embellishments.

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