Arma dei Carabinieri - Uniforms

Service dress of the Italian Carabinieri 1980s

04a Italy Carabinieri Service Dress

This service dress of the Carabinieri dates from 1982, and the rank is that of a Carabiniere (carabineer) indicated by the absence of any insignia on the tunic epaulettes.

The Carabinieri are a military force who main role is that of domestic policing as well as being military police. similar to the French Gendarmerie

The unit is in this case is that of the Carabiniere Nucleo Radiomobile (Operational and Mobile Radio Unit) identified by the pocket fob worn on the left breast pocket, they are sometimes referred to as the Gazelles. this example is also wearing a set of non operational parachute wings

(Not Shown on this example is the white cross belt and cartridge pouch commonly worn with this uniform, and also black leather gloves are often worn)

06 Italy Carabinieri Service Dress