Royal Australian Air Force - Badges

Mixed Royal Australian Air Force Insignia

01 Australia Williamtown RAAF

06 Australia RAAF Corporal RAAF

Australia RAAF 0007 Rank

RAAF Air Station Williamtowm


Warrant Officer

04 Australia slipon sky RAAF

05 Australia RAAF Slipon RAAF tan

03 Australia slipon tan RAAF

Australia Slip-on

RAAF Slip-on

Australia Slip-on

Navy Prop


Sky Prop

Leading Air-craftsman Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (I previously thought these to be Canadian as came with a job lot Canadian Insignia, but have since seen as Australian)

Australian Rank Chevrons

Australia Army (Sgt)2
Australia Army (Staff Sgt)

I Believe these to be Australian Air Force Summer Dress  Sergeants and Staff Sergeants Chevrons