Belgian Army - Uniforms

Service Dress Uniform of a Belgian Para

Belgium 3rd Para Batt (1)

This winter service - walking out dress is that of  a member of the 3rd Parachute battalion as identified by the beret badge, Also the maroon with light blue piping colour of the collar tabs where worn by both the 1st and 3rd Parachute battalions, but the 1st battalion beret badge is similar to the British SAS cap badge. This Para also wears the Airborne Pegasus patches on both upper sleeves, on his right sleeve, he also has the commando trained dagger in a black triangle badge and his Para wings above his right breast pocket. the rank is identified by the chevrons worn on both left and right lower sleeves

Belgium 3rd Para Batt (3)

Belgium Army Battledress Uniform

01 Belgium Chas On Horse

This is a battledress style uniform dateing  from after 1968 as it seems no rank insignia is worn below the rank of corporal after that year, the unit is the 1er Regiment de Chasseurs a Chaval indicated by yellow with blue piping collar tabs and shoulder strap insignia, also serving with the HQ Company of the 16th Cavalry Division as indicated by the shoulder sleeve insignia, also worn on the breast pocket is the brevet sportif

03 Belgium Chas On Horse

Belgian Carbineers

02 Belgium Chasseurs (Right)

This winter service - walking out dress is that of a Sergeant of the Carbineers, insignia includes para wings, commando trained dagger and long service stripe on the left upper sleeve 

03 Belgium Chasseurs (Left)