Belgian Army

Belgium Army Service Dress Caps

Belgium Army Engineers Peaked Cap (Front Left)
Belgium Army Lancers Peaked Cap (Front)
Belgium Army Logistics Peaked Cap (Front Right)

This style of cap was worn by the Belgian army in the 70s above examples are (from left to right) Engineers, Lancers, and Logistics

Belgium Army Military Police Helmet

This helmet is worn by the Belgium Military Police, this is a painted liner and is used for parade and guard duties only as it offers no real protection.

This helmet is based on the design used by US forces throughout the world since the second world war, the obvious and only difference is the national flag emblem on the side of the helmet

Belgium Army Military Police Helmet (Front Right)

Belgium Army Grenadiers Side Cap

Belgium Army Grenadiers Side Cap (Front)

This is a Belgian Grenadiers side cap (overseas, garrison cap) this example is missing its cap badge, which is a small silver grenade, this style of cap is still worn but the beret is more commonly used