Czech Republic Army - Uniforms

Hradni Stratz

Hradni Straz (Rightt)

Other Ranks Full Dress Uniform of the Prague Palace Guard (Hradni Stratz), the OR’s rank on this example is denoted by the red detailing and piping on the shoulder straps, NCOs And officers would be gold,

Needed to complete this uniform is cap and collar insignia both of the same design as the sleeve badge, gold false chin strap and black leather chinstrap (worn to the rear of the cap)

Hradni Straz (Left)

Hradni Stratz Parade Belt

Hradni Straz Belt Buckle

This belt is worn with the uniform pictured above, (I will amend the above photo ASAP) this is the junior ranks belt, the officer’s belt would have gold waistband rather than blue.

Flag of Czech Republic