Eire Army Uniforms

Service Dress Uniform of the Southern Irish Military Police

Eire MPs (1)

1st field company Southern command from around the 1969,

The unit is identified by the badge worn on the upper right sleeve, and also the cap band and collar insignia, help identify this example as Military Police. The rank of Sairsint (sergeant) is indicated by the three zigzag chevrons worn on both sleeves, I believe this to be a F.C.A. (An Forsa Cosanta Aiuiuil (Local defence force) uniform, identified by the scarlet epaulettes,  the F.C.A. where integrated into the regular army  in 2005,

Eire MPs (3)

Service Dress Uniform of a Private 1st Class of the Southern Irish Infantry

(01) Eire 14th Infantry Battalion

14th Infantry Battalion, Southern Command 1970-80s

The rank is that of a Saighdiur (Private) 1st class identified by the three red stars worn on both sleeves, and the branch of service is that of the Infantry identified by the collar badges, and also on the right shoulder sleeve patch, the left shoulder sleeve patch is that of the Southern Command, the green beret with green badge backing denotes reservist.

The 14th Infantry Battalion Southern command consisted of 5 companies A-E situated in: A-Nenagh, B -Limerick, C-Kilmallock, D- Newcastlewest, E-Tiperary,

(03) Eire 14th Infantry Battalion
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