Ejército de Tierra - Spanish Army

Uniform de Gala BRIPAC

01 Spain Bripac

(Left) - Parade Uniform of a Sergeant  of the Brigada de Infantería Ligera Paracaidista BRIPAC (Airborne Light Infantry Brigade) The rank Sargento (Sergeant) is indicated by the shoulder straps and also the flash on beret, unit is identified by collar insignia, sleeve patch on right arm and also beret badge


(Right) - Utility uniform of the 1st Spanish Armoured Division, with a beret type cap made with a solid band and cloth top (more in keeping with a naval cap).there are no rank markings, these would be worn above the left pocket, on the shoulder boards, and in some cases on the beret, the webbing is loosely based on the French webbing worn in the 50s but is made of a heavier construction. the breast badge seams to be of a bridge Laying unit (BMING XI)

Spanish Army 1st Armoured Division

Spanish NCOs Academy Uniform

02 Acadamia (Right)
Spain Acadamia Garrison Cap (Front)
03 Acadamia (Left)

NCO academy summer dress uniform the sleeve insignia is that of the NCO School the collar insignia of Minerva head is also an indication of the school

Spanish Other Ranks Infantry Uniform

Spanish Army Infantry Other Ranks Service Dress (1)

Other ranks service dress from an Infantry unit indicated by by sleeve insignia and collar device the rank is indicated by the beret insignia and the absence of and insignia on the epaulets this example is dated 1991

Spanish Army Infantry Other Ranks Service Dress (3)

Spanish Logistics Officers Uniform

08 Logistics Officer With Sash (Right)

Spain Army Officers Peaked Cap (Front)

09 Logistics Officer With Sash (Left)

Spanish officer of  logistics full dress uniform the unit is identified by the diamond shaped pressed metal collar insignia and the sleeve insignia and the rank is of colonel by the three stars on cuffs note the gold bullion chin strap is missing from peaked cap

Spanish Regimiento de Infantería Ligera Regulares

02 Regimiento de Infantería Ligera Regulares (Right)

Spain Army Morocain Troops( Front)

03 Regimiento de Infantería Ligera Regulares (Left)

5e Regimiento de Infantería Ligera Regulares (5e Regiment of indigenous infantry) as indicated by collar insignia