Esercito Italiano - Italian Army

Service Dress, Corporal Folgore Parachute Brigade

01 Italy Corporal Folgore Brig Front

The beret, collar and shoulder sleeve insignia of this Italian para indicate that he is a member of the Folgore Brigade but is not assigned to a specialist unit

His rank is identified by the chevrons on his shoulder boards

The unit insignia is worn on the left breast pocket in this case the 5th parachute battalion (Alamein)

03 Italy Corporal Folgore Brig right

Battle Dress Italian Parachute Brigade

02 Brigata Paracadutisti  Battle-Dress (Left)

Italian parachute brigade battle dress from around the 1950s - 60s, Collar insignia indicates Parachiste along wth the obselte para sleeve insignia

03 Brigata Paracadutisti  Battle-Dress (Left)

Scuola Artiglieria (Artilley School)

02 Artillery School Service Dress (Rightt)

Italian Scuola Artiglieria Artillery School uniform dated 1976 there is no indication of rank, the unit insignia can be seen clearly on left upper arm

03 Artillery School Service Dress (Left)