French Army

French Shako From The Ecole Speciale Militaire (ESM)

France Shako ESM Saint Cyr (Front)

This is a full dress shako of a Eelve Officer (student officer) from the Ecole Speciale Militaire (ESM)

Saint-Cyr, this is the premier French officers school and the equivalent of: Sandhurst Military Collage(UK) West Point Military Academy (USA)

France Shako ESM Saint Cyr (Right)

French Infantry Sergeants Kepi

France Kepi Infantry Sgt ADL (Front Left)

This is a Infantry Sergeant - Sergeant-Chef’s Kepi, the gold chin strap and gold buttons denote that the wearer is in a non Cavalry unit, all French Cavalry units use silver accoutrement’s on there head-dress and uniforms, the badge is that of the Infantry and the gold band around the brim of the kepi denotes *(ADL) that the wearer has completed his term of national service, and is now a regular army serviceman.

* (ADL= Apres la Duree Legale) *

Sergeant of the 13e Regiment Dragoons d’Parachutiste

This is a Sergeant-Sergeant-Chef’s Kepi of the 13e Regiment Dragoons d’Parachutiste, they are a cavalry unit so as mentioned above use silver rather than gold as the branch of service colour’s, a kepi issued to any rank below corporal would have a plain black chin strap and a white woven grenade badge. the pale blue body and madder red top colour’s of the kepi help identify it as Dragoons.

France Kepi 13e Regt Dragoon Parachutiste Sergeant (Front Riight)

Kepi of the French Gendarmerie (departmental)

France Kepi Chandomes  (Front Left)

This is a NCO’s Kepi of the French Gendarmerie departmental *(ADL) probably the best known kepi in France apart from the kepi blanc. The French national serviceman can opt to do his service as a Gendarme (police officer) or Pompier (fire fighter) rather than a soldier, sailor, or airman

Other Kepi’s of the French Army

France Kepi ESM Saint Cyr Elve (Front)
France Kepi ESM Saint Cyr Staff (Front)
France Kepi Artilerie Kepi Sergeant (Front)

Eelve Officer Ecole Speciale Militaire (Special Military School)

Staff ? Ecole Speciale Militaire (Special Military School)

Sergent-chef Régiment d'Artillerie (Artillery)

France Kepi Signals (Front)

France Kepi Signals Comandant (front)

France Kepi Genie (Front)

Sergeant Chef Régiment de Transmissions (Signals)

Comandant Régiment de Transmissions (Signals)

Sergent-chef ADL Régiment du Génie (Engineer’s)

France Kepi Infantry School (Front)

France Kepi Troupe de Marine Segeant (Front)

France Kepi Material Adjdant (Front)

Adjudant Ecole d'Infanterie (Infantry School)

Segeant - Sergeant Chef Troupes de marine (Marines)

Adjudant Régiment du Matériel (Quartermasters / Supply)


French Kepi Cuirassiers Captain (front)


Capitaine Régiment de Cuirassiers (Heavy Cavalry)