French Army

Full Dress Cadet Ecole Speciale Militaire Saint-Cyr

Saint Cyr Shako Left 1

This uniform is that of a Eleve (officer cadet) of the Ecole Speciale Militaire Saint-Cyr the  French equivalent of Sandhurst Military Academy (UK) and West Point (USA)

The rank is identified by the braid just above the cuffs and the plain red fringed shoulder boards, senior ranks would have gold fringed shoulder boards and further embellishments to the cuffs

The head-dress is a pale blue Shako topped with a red and white plume

Saint Cyr Shako right

 Aspirant of the 57e Regiment d’Infanterie

02 57e RI Tenu Sortie Winter Pre 1990 Adj Chef Left (man)

Rank is denoted by the gold with bars on the shoulder boards, the hand stitched collar tabs and the kepi embellishments, further indications of senior rank are the stripes down the trousers and upturned cuffs on the jacket.

The sleeve badge is that of the 15th infantry division (current), and the regiment is identified by the pocket badge and the numerals on the collar tabs, the branch of service is denoted by the colours of the kepi, and the grenade on the kepi & collar tabs.

03 France Ajt 57th inf (Left)

503e Régiment de Chars de Combat

01 -Adjudant 503e Régiment de Chars de Combat (Right)

Adjudant of the 503e Régiment de Chars de Combat Unit indicated by the insignia worn on the left breast pocket, and also the collar tabs, and the rank by the shoulder boards, also  seen on this example, on the left shoulder sleeve is the 10e division blindée division insignia, on the right shoulder sleeve is the Brevet Proffesional Militaire (Gold award), also worn is the unit fourragère with The colours of the Military Medal with olive of the 1914-1918 War Cross and of the Croix de Guerre 1939-1945

This unit was raised 1918 and was disbanded on 23 June 2009

03 - Adjudant 503e Régiment de Chars de Combat (Left)

Régiment d'Artillerie

01-Régiment d'Artillerie (right)

Sergeant of the Artillery School winter service dress the unit in this case is indicated by the Kepi, Collar Insignia, and sleeve insignia, also seen on the left upper arm is the brevet militaire professionnel elémentaire gold award

items missing from this uniform are shoulder boads and pocket unit insignia

03-Régiment d'Artillerie (Left)