Uniforms Of French Foreign Legion

Sergeant-Chef Tenue de Réception (A 2 - T13)

01 Sgt Chef-Tenu de Gala (Right)

Sergeant-chef wearing the Tenue de Réception also known as tenue de gala, worn by members of the French Foreign Legion, this example is that of a non cavalry unit indicated by the gold branch of service buttons and kepi enmeshments and chevron colour, as all cavalry units within the French army use silver as the branch of service colour, the term tenue de réception actually covers several different variations of uniform (see notes below), the kepi would generally only be worn for outdoor occasions, the rank is identified by the three gold chevrons worn on both sleeves and the gold chin-strap and seven flamed grenade on the kepi noir

03 Sgt Chef-Tenu de Gala (Left)

Uniform category (Réception) Uniform worn by officers and NCOs at public or private functions within mainland France (Joint services codes A 1 and A 2) Tenue 11: worn by officers when evening attire is required and Tenue 13: worn by NCOs


Joint serves uniform code & Army Uniform Code for duty within mainland France

Army uniform code for overseas duty

Gala, soirée.

A 1

Tenue 11

Tenue 12


A 2

Tenue 13

Tenue 15


A 3

Tenue 21

Tenue 15 (adapted)

Non Commissioned Officers Tenue 13 Would Comprise of:

 Blue whipcord jacket and trousers with awards and rank insignia., White shirt., Black bow tie, Dress shoes, Black socks.

Legionnaire Short Sleeve Order pre 1990

ShortSleeve Order (1)

Legionnaire de deuxième classe wearing short sleeve overseas order of a non cavalry or parachute unit of the legion, indicated by the green beret (Béret vert) and gold badge, cavalry units would wear a silver beret badge and para units would be the winged dagger beret badge, also silver, overseas status indicated by the tricolour brassard, the rank is identified by the lack of any insignia indicating either a Engagé Volontaire (EV) or a legionnaire 2e but as he is overseas this would imply he has completed his basic training so would rule out (EV), this uniform has been replaced by the new CCE  (Camouflage Centrale Europe) pattern uniform

items worn with this uniform would be heavy green socks and boots (rangers)

The FAMAS pictured is the G2 version known as the navy version the French army generally use the G1 however I believe that the G2 has been used in small numbers

ShortSleeve Order (3)

Legionnaire Tenue de tradition

(2) Great Coat Order

Legionnaire de deuxième classe wearing the Tenue de tradition winter dress uniform, in this case worn with greatcoat, no unit insignia is visible on this example however it is that of a non cavalry unit indicated by the gold buttons, the rank is identified by the lack of any chevrons above the (ecusson) on the left sleeve. also worn are the F1 web belt and blue sash (ceiture bleue)

NB not shown are the FAMAS (rifle), bayonet and scabbard, and kepi the blanc with extra chin strap usually worn with the parade uniform

(3) Great Coat Order
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