Royal Danish Army

Kongelige Danske Haer - Royal Danish Army

01 Denmark Battledress (Right)

Private from the Danish Army wearing a late 1950s pattern M44 battledress uniform, the early versions of this uniform had brass buttons, the M44 uniform was replaced in the early 60s by the M58 uniform, the unit is the Zealand Air Defence Regiment (Sjaellandske Luftaernsregiment), Originally formed in 1932 as the Air Defence Regiment and renamed in 1951, and then in 1970 it was merged with the Crown Artillery Regiment (Kronens Artilleriregiment) then itself merged in 1982 to form the Kings Artillery Regiment,(Kongens Artilleriregiment) merged once again in 2005 to form the Danish Artillery Regiment (Danske Artilleriregiment), then itself disbanded in 2014.

(Cap badge not shown is identical to collar insignia, also not shown are gaiters and boots in the same chocolate brown colour as the belt)

03 Denmark Battledress (Left)