Eire - Army

Below is a selection of Southern Irish (Eire) regimental shoulder sleeve insignia

01 Eire Shoulder Sleeve National Overseas 1961-88
02 Eire Shoulder Sleeve Military Collage
03 Eire Shoulder Sleeve Army Headquaters
04 Eire Shoulder Sleeve National Flash

National Overseas Flash 1961-88

Military Collage

Army Headquarters

National Overseas Flash 1988-Present

05 Eire Curragh Command
06 Eire Western Command
07 Eire Shoulder Sleeve Eastern Command
08 Eire Shoulder Sleeve Eastern Command HQ

Curragh Command

Western Command

Eastern Command

HQ Eastern Command

06 Eire Shoulder Sleeve Southern Command
09 Eire Shoulder Sleeve 1st Field Artillery
10 Eire 3rd Infantry Battalion
09a Supply and Services Unit

Southern Command

1st Field Artillery Regiment

3rd Infantry Battalion

Supply and Services Unit

28 Eire Trade Sniper 2
11 Eire Confidence Training Instrutor 1999 -
29 Eire Trade Sniper 2

Basic Sniper

Confidence Training Instructor 1999 - Present

Sniper Marksman

Below is a selection of Southern Irish unit shoulder titles

09 Eire Title 40th IR Comp
10 Eire Title 55th Irish Batt
11 Eire Title 57th Irish Inf Batt
12 Eire Title 63rd Irish Inf Batt
13 Eire Title 65th Irish Batt
14 Eire Title 66th Irish Batt
15 Eire Title 67th Irish Inf Batt
16 Eire Title 68th Irish Batt
17 Eire Title 69th Irish Batt

18 Eire Title 71st Irish Batt

19 Eire Title 73rd Irish Batt
20 Eire Title 75th Irish Batt

21 Eire Title 76th Irish Batt

22 Eire Title 2nd Transport Company Somalia
23 Eire Title 82nd Irish Batt


2nd Transport Company  (Somalia Mission 1994)


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