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Durham Constabulary

Durham Constabulary (1)1

Constable 4121 from the Durham constabulary wearing blue service dress uniform (now obsolete) although still worn by some forces for ceremonial occasions, pass out parades etc. the traditional custodian helmet (bobby’s helmet) in this case is that of the cockscomb style, also on this example are the Durum constabulary collar insignia ,and the officers individual number can be seen on the shoulder straps, and whistle and chain worn from the top button to the left breast pocket.

Durham Constabulary (3)1

MOD Police

MOD Police (01)1

This Constable from the Ministry of Defence police wears the same uniform as the Home office police with the exception of the cap and collar insignia, however this example is wearing the peaked cap rather than the traditional Bobby’s helmet.

MOD Police (03)