United Kingdom - Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force Slip-on Rank Insignia

01 RAF Leading Aircaftsman

Tricolore Flag With Background

02 RAF Senior Aircraftsman

03 RAF Junior Tech

Leading Aircratsman

Senior Air craftsman (technician)

Senior Aircraftsman

Junior Technician

04 RAF Lance Corporal

05 RAF Corporal

06 RAF Sergeant

07 RAF Sergeant Aircrew

* Lance Corporal*



Sergeant Aircrew

08 RAF Chief Tech

09 RAF Flight Sergeant

Tricolore Flag With Background

Tricolore Flag With Background

Chief Technician

Flight Sergeant

Flight Sergeant Aircrew

Master Aircrew

10 RAF Warrant Officer

11 RAF Pilot Officer

12 RAF Flying Officer

13 RAF Flight Lieutenant

Warrant Officer

Pilot Officer

Flying Officer

Flight Lieutenant

14 RAF Squadron Leader

15 RAF Wing Commander 2

16 RAF Group Captan

17 RAF Air Commodore

Squadron Leader

Wing Commander

Group Capitan

Air Commodore

18 RAF Air Vice Marshal

19 RAF Air Marshal

20 RAF Air Chief Marshal

Tricolore Flag With Background

Air Vice Marshal

Air Marshal

Air Chief Marshal

Marshal Royal Air Force

* Lance Corporal rank is worn by the RAF Regiment only and I believe this was introduced on 1st April 2010 *