RAF Cranwell - Oficer Cadet Gorget's

RAF Collage Cranwell Officer Cadets Gorget’s From The 1970s to mid 2000s

Basic Induction Module (BIM) Officer Cadet (First 6 weeks of IOT)

06 Gorget with Grey stripe

White and Grey Band = (BIM)

1st Term identified by gorget with centre band ( Main Squadron after BIM)

01 Gorget with Red stripe

03 Gorget with Gold stripe

05 Gorget with blue stripe

Tricolore Flag With Background

White with Red Band = A Squadron

White with Yellow Band = B Squadron (Tigers)

White with Blue Band = C Squadron (Dolphins)

White with Green Band = D Squadron (Dragons)

02 Gorget with Purple stripe

Tricolore Flag With Background

Tricolore Flag With Background

04 Gorget with Black stripe

White with Purple Band = SERE (Specialist Entrant & Re-entrant) (for Officer Cadets of Medical, legal and Chaplain Branches) (Short course known as Vicars & Tarts Course)

White with Orange Band = MASH (Medical Administration Support Flight) (for cadets on hold during course for injuries)

Plain Gorget = UAS (University Air squadrons) only wear blank white rank or Gorgets - No colours

White wiith Black Band = Unidentified

2nd Term would be identified by white gorget with coloured centre band and button

3rd term identified by gorget with centre band and button and two gold edge stripes

08 A Squadron  3rd Term

09 D Squadron 3rd  Term (Dragons)

09 Gorget gold  with 2 gold bars and button

 3rd Term A Squadron (Missing Button)

 3rd Term D Squadron Dragons (Missing Button)

3rd Term B Squadron (Tigers)