Royal Marines

Royal Marine Band Pith Helmet

Royal Marines Pith Helmet (2)

Royal marine bandsman's other ranks helmet, officially called the Wolseley pattern helmet but commonly called a pith helmet, other ranks pattern is identified by the helmet plate and ball top,

Royal Marines Pith Helmet (3)

Royal Marine Peaked Cap

United Kingdom Royal Marines Peaked Cap (Front Left)

Royal marine commando other ranks service dress peaked cap worn with no 1 dress blues also most formal and semi formaluniforms

UK Royal Marines Peaked Cap (3)

Royal Marine Berets

UK Royal Marines Staybrite Beret (1)

Royal marine commando berets

 (Left) - with anodized cap badge worn with Lovat’s (number 2 dress) and also worn with number 1 dress on occasions in some cases bandsmen wear anodized beret badge when other marines are required to wear the bronzed badge

(Right) - with bronzed badge worn with field and combat dress I also believe the bronze badge is worn with No 1B lovat dress No 1C lovat undress No 3A half lovats

UK Royal Marines Bronzed Beret  (1)