United States of America - Coast Guard

 USCG Service Dress Blue “A” (Alphas)

US Coast Guard (Public Affairs Spec Front)

US Coast Guard E7 Chief Petty Officer Public Affairs Specialist - the rank is denoted by the chevrons worn on the left sleeve and the specialisation is found within the chevrons.

The branch of service is identified by the collar insignia and by the cap badge (cap not shown in this example)

Occasions for wear: worm all year round for functions that require more formality than provided by the Service dress "Bravo” uniform, but less than Full Dress or Dinner Dress uniforms.

Service Dress Blue A Consists of: Cap Combination - Coat service dress blue - Trousers dress blue - Shirt white long Sleeved - Tie blue with tack - Shoes black Oxfords - Socks black - Trouser belt black with gold tip - Name tag - Ribbons